Monday, November 14, 2011

The early church during persecution used the fish as a way to communicate who they were without saying to much and getting reported to the authorities. There were times it could mean death the tell the wrong person you were a Christian.  I do not say using such a symbol was right or wrong, it is  just history.   The fish was used because in spelling fish in Greek  ἰχθύς , it is an acrostic for the names of Jesus and read as a statement it is true.

 ἰ      Ἰησοῦς     Jesus
χ      Χριστός  Christ
θ      θεός         God
ύ      υἱός          Son                 
ς       σωτήρ      savior

Jesus Christ, Gods  Son is our Savior.

This is only offered as some interesting and beautiful trivia you may use when you see the bumper stickers. I have asked many people “Do you know why the Fish is a Christian symbol?” almost always they don’t know. Then I have a door open to teach and witness.

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